Our activities

Law of estate property

We deal with:


  • preparing and giving expert legal opinion on contracts referring to registering or transferring of title (purchase and sale, gift, exchange),
  • having the acquisition of land authorised for foreigners,
  • making contracts about tenancy and right to use,
  • possessory actions,
  • requalifying of properties,
  • abolishment of aggregate properties,
  • establishment, modification of condominiums, preparation of deed of foundation, rules of procedure, rule books, representation of condominiums,
  • full administration of contracts mentioned above: registry of title deeds and duty, mayor offices, public guardianship authorities, administrative authorities, other authorities, procedures in loan agencies, banks.

Civil law contracts

  • contracts on purchases, sales, donations, exchanges,
  • contracts on tenancy and rights to use,
  • contracts on firms, constructions and design,
  • insurance cases,
  • contracts on loan,
  • contracts on life annuity, maintenance agreements,
  • assignment contracts,
  • law debates referring to the cases above, arrangements of cases of guarantee, warranty, compensatory damages and measures needed in case of breaching of contracts


  • ollection of accounts receivables, making agreements before and during the suit, extrajudicial agreements, liquidations, banker’s order, actions against the debtors.

Cases on compensatory damages:

  • /files/kellek/kalapacs.jpgrecovering damages referring to contracts,
  • arrangements of any kinds of claims for damages, for example:
    • responsibility of general compensation,
    • compensation of damages caused by hazardous techniques (machines, means of transport),
    • compensation of damages caused by animals,
    • compensation of damages in connection with buildings,
  • compensation of violation of privacy (e.g. damages to reputation),
  • compensation of cases in connection with health service ( e.g. malpractice),
  • compensation of damages caused by accidents,
  • insurance cases

Cases related to succession

  • /files/kellek/erme.jpgpreparing contracts about last will, succession,
  • counselling and assistance in probate of a will

Marital and family law:

  • counselling and assistance in divorce,
  • suits related to family state (subversion of presumption of paternity),
  • cases related to child custody, child care, maintaining relations,
  • suits related to alimony,
  • contracts, agreements about pecuniary circumstances between spouses and life-partners,
  • agreements about terminating marital communal properties,

Labour law:

  • /files/kellek/merleg.jpgcounselling about employment, legal relations of public service and civil servants, preparing contracts and bills and legal assistant of these cases,
  • inspection of termination of employment,
  • compensation of damages caused by industrial accidents,
  • assistance in cases related to borrowing labour,
  • assistance in cases related to problems with safety-at-work rules,
  • legal representation in debates about industrial relations both in and out of court,

Corporation law, electronic company law:

  • foundation and transformation of limited partnership and incorporated companies, unlimited partnership and joint stock companies,
  • modification of articles of associations of active companies,
  • preparation of internal rules of procedure,
  • legal representation in courts of registry proceedings,
  • different legal representations of companies on the basis of constant commission of them,
  • cases related to bankruptcy, liquidation, execution,

Endowments, associations, ecclesiastic cases:

  • counselling related to the foundation and operation of endowments and associations,
  • preparing of articles of associations and internal rules of procedure,
  • legal representation of associations

Administrative procedure:

  • /files/kellek/handshake.jpgarranging permits for foreigners to purchase real estates in Hungary,
  • counselling, preparing bills, representations before local governments, administration authorities (tax authority, health insurance and retirement insurance authority, Hungarian Treasury, Labour Authority),
  • evaluation of conducted procedures, legitimacy of verdicts,
  • initiating legal remedy,
  • initiating evaluation of administrative adjudications by the court, representation in administrative law cases,
  • permission procedure of constructions before the competent local government,
  • other permissions of constructions,

Sales & rent of REAL ESTATES:

The primary goal of our office is to support the activities of both Hungarian and foreign clients – buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees. We would like to provide the circumstances in which our clients can arrange their real estate cases with our well-qualified colleagues, who are capable of speaking foreign languages. Our real estate agent activity involves not only providing the addresses but framing deeds of sales and arranging the procedure – from the beginning to the final act – credit transactions, guardianship duty authorities – representing the interests of both sides. We put down our precise conditions and fees in our contracts. Our clients are always satisfied, they trust us so they usually return to us with their next cases.
  • Our office stands guarantee for the best solutions of the cases related to the real estate. Our contracts are lawful protecting the interests of the parties.